Universal Trails and Outdoors for Everyone | July 8-10 2020 | Missoula MT

Apr 20, 2020



July 8-10, 2020





Missoula, MT. – Penn Trails president, Larry Knutson, heads West again this summer, to lead a two-day workshop on “Universal Trails and Outdoors for Everyone,” July 8-10, in Missoula. The workshop is being sponsored by the Land Trust Alliance’s Western Program and the Montana Association of Land Trusts, and hosted by the Five Valleys Land Trust.

The workshop will begin with an evening panel presentation entitled “Voices from the Community: Why Access, Equity, and Inclusion Matter.” Panelists will include This community event will address the issues of equity, inclusion, and access to the outdoors by exploring some of the social, economic, cultural, and infrastructure barriers that reduce access to our trails and natural areas in Montana. The evening panel presentation will be open to the public.

The two-day workshop that follows will be limited to 30 people. Based upon great success with a similar 2019 panel and workshop with the Greenbelt Land Trust, in Corvallis, Oregon. Day one of the workshop will cover the conceptual background and practical skills needed to plan, design, construct, and maintain trails and related amenities that are associated with both Universal Design and Universal Access.  Day two of the workshop will offer the opportunity for participants to work in small groups, with Larry, on creating & managing your own universal trail project. Participants should bring a project idea or concept, for your own universally accessible trail project, to this session. Day two will also include a visit to an active Five Valleys Land Trust project site in Frenchtown, where Penn Trails is engaged in developing the layout for a universally accessible trail for land owned by Opportunity Resources, a nonprofit organization in Montana who is dedicated to supporting persons with disabilities.

Larry is co-author of 2014’s Universal Access Trail and Shared Use Paths Manual, utilized by conservancies and land trust around the country, and published by the Pennsylvania Land Trust.  Five Valleys Land Trust is hosting this event. Space is limited. Please contact Five Valleys Land Trust for more information and to register. 


About Penn Trails: Founded in 2007, Penn Trails is an industry leader in sustainable trail design. We specialize in trail assessment, design, construction, and maintenance, with extensive experience with universal access trails. With years of combined staff experience in trail planning and design, Penn Trails has a unique approach that focuses on maximizing trail sustainability. From trail rehabilitation to design and master planning,  we provide guidance and direction that addresses your unique environment, focuses on your desired users and supports ongoing sustainable management of your site as an integrated element of your natural resource assets. We have helped to assess, conceptualize, plan and construct hundreds of miles of trails and pathways.

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