Our Work

Six Mile Creek Trail Feasibility Study

City of Ithaca


Ithaca, New York


Local Government



  • Assessed opportunities and challenges
  • Completed early conceptual design for trails
  • Proposed conceptual options for long-span bridges
  • Developed Preliminary Opinion of Cost
  • Produced comprehensive feasibility study report


  • Trail system
  • Universal access aggregate trails
  • Boardwalks and short-span bridges
  • Sensitive site in urban setting
  • Three long-span bridges (~200′)


Penn Trails was selected by the City of Ithaca to complete a conceptual design and feasibility study for this 3,681 foot universal access trail. Traversing sensitive wet areas with active, eroding soils and steep gorge topography, a conceptual design prioritizing universal access and environmental and economic sustainability included extensive raised aggregate trail with boardwalks. The alignment crosses Six Mile Creek in three locations, and HEC-RAS analysis was performed to determine the 100-year flood levels and site abutments for each of three long-span bridges, all approximately 200 feet in length. The project began with Penn Trails’ signature field assessment process and preliminary opinion of cost, including preliminary design recommendations and cost projections for the bridges. This step-by-step process ensures that the design responds to the site in a way that is environmentally and economically sustainable. A comprehensive report with conceptual design information and maps was compiled, along with conceptual design information for the three proposed bridges, and an extension section containing recommendations including but not limited to phasing, public engagement, design alternatives, constructibility and staging, and environmental restoration.